5 Good Reasons Why You Need GeekSpeak

1. Many growth opportunities are out there now.

Internet and the Info Tech sector outside of Japan is growing and changing quickly. Your people need the communication skills [read, speak, write and listen] to be able to understand the changes and take action.


2. The Internet and the Info Tech sector in Japan is using English more and more. 

Without building on the language skills, your people and your organization are at a disadvantage. English usage in Japan is growing. Accelerating.


3. Change waits for no one.

Take action and get a leg up  on your competition. The longer you wait the harder it will become to catch up.


4. We focus on the language you need to take action now.

Standard English language textbooks will not get you to where you need to be. Your people have basic English language skills. GeekSpeak works to capitalize on the skills they have and move them quickly to use and build the skills they need going forward. 


5. Our content is current.

 We work in the industry, too. We know what they need. We read up on what's hot in Internet tech everyday and we use it in your lessons.